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Julio Julián

World Class Tenor
Julio Julián, son of renowned opera singers Julio Julián and Conchita Domínguez, was bestowed with the love of music at an early age.
His achievement as a singer has brought him success in Italy, Germany, Venezuela, United States, Austria, Spain, France, Luxemburg, Canadá, Perú, Brazil and Mexico.
He is renowned as “a World Class Tenor with a voice that has strength and great feeling that impresses and enraptures the audience” RAI TV Italiana.


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Harmony Concert

Join us for a wonderful evening with Julio Julián

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Harmony Online Concert
We invite you to join us for a wonderful evening of online music with Julio Julián.
Saturday, October 22nd at 7:00p.m (CT)


“Julio Julián charmed his public with grateful harmonic melodies and the listeners didn’t scant in offering him big praises and a great recognition”

Saarbrucken, Zeitung June 1, 1999


“A great voice appeared in Schwenningen”.  The World Class Tenor Julio Julián sang creating great expectation.  A plenitude, a strong voice and with great feeling that impressed and enraptured the public”

Schwabo Zeitung, July 14th, 97

“Julio represents the very best of what Mexico can offer the worlds of music, culture and artistic expression”.

WOA 1 News-Radio


“Pulcinella” from Stravinsky in a Gala Concert with the U.N.A.M. Philharmonic Orchestra

Opera Gala, Bellas Artes Theatre, Mexico City.

Magna Concert – Wagner Hall – Neuschwanstein Castle.

Freiburg, Saarbrucken, Schwenningen, Rottweil, Kempten, Trotsingen, Bad Krosingen, Karlsruhe,Aschaffenburg, St. Georgen, St. Ingbert, Waldshut, Tuetlingen, and Freudenstadt.

Guest Tenor – A. Rendano Theatre – Cosenza , Italy. “Don Jose” – Carmen Spanish Festival – Saarbrücken-Germany – Gala Concert with the Symphonic Orchestra of Luxemburg.

Special collaboration in the productions of Rigoletto and Lucia di Lammermoor in    Aguascalientes.

Gala Wagner Concert with Mrs. Carol Yahr with the Aguascalientes  Symphony.

Ninth Symphony  Gala Concert, Teatro Aguascalientes.

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